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Bridge, Router, WISP, WDS Modes. Witold Warczak, Przemys∏aw Kobel. APPro54G. Software User's Guide. Version for OvisLink WLAP. Its small size, very sensible receiver, simple installation, WWW management, and high throughput make the device an ideal tool for use in small WLANs. The AP. Thanks to APPro 54G software pack the Access Point has many functions that are not usually available in similar devices. Features of WLAP with APPro.

Access Point: GW-AP54SP-P (APPro54G, 2xLAN, GHz 54Mbps) Blocking of client - client connections (Intra BSS Traffic); Filtering of Network. Thanks to APPro. APPro54G: Software User's Guide Version for Planet WAP/WRT Access Point. Front Cover. Witold Warczak. Alfanet, - pages. Streaming TV service Aereo took a bold step today by urging the U.S. Supreme Court to take a second look at a previous ruling in its favor.

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