Yugioh anime card template download

Yugioh anime card template

Here's the Cover of my project on releasing an Anime Template for Photoshop.. Now available for download! [link] Hope you like it!. 6 Deviations Featured: Yu-Gi-Oh! -- AniMe Card TeMplate -- Vanguard Style Yugioh Template by ShadowMaria56 Series 10 Card Proxy Template by grezar. Anime card. Japanese: {{{ja_name}}}; Romaji: {{{romaji_name}}}; Translated: {{{ trans_name}}}. Back-Animepng. en; [[Media:|ja]]; [[Media:|ko]].

4Kids/Anime style card templates for all card types in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. In addition we also have the Divine-Beast cards, Dark Synchros. This is the file that I and the anime card project participants use to create the the pendulum monster cards (these are not the official templates). This category contains templates used to format information on card pages, normally in a table format. A. Template:Anime card · Template:Anime DDM card.

OK, ive been trying to find a Yugioh anime card template like the link below but without the numbers, attribute, and stars. if anyone has an.