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R4-sdhc r4i-sdhc ttmenu

For DSTT/i, R4/i-SDHC, DSONE/i, GEi/R4i, R4SDHC v, M3 Real/M3iZero and other DSTT/R4 Clones which can use YSMenu. Download. RetroGameFan developed its unofficial DSTT TTMenu for DSTT and DSTTi cards (th-materials.com), and recently this team extended their kernel. Well I've got TTMenu working on R4i SDHC (th-materials.com) but when I load a game (any game) it starts to lag. The game works but it lags.

Download non-official R4-SDHC_R4i-SDHC TTMenu th-materials.com to your computer, decompress and extract this zip file with tool WinRar, find and get TTMenu. Ysmenu How and why to setup it to R4isdhc or R4 sdhc 3ds? What is it: YSMenu is a homebrew version of the ttmenu that loads faster. R4 SDHC. This R4 SDHC card is made from th-materials.com, and it can open the folder and copy TTMenu folder, th-materials.com, th-materials.com, th-materials.com

You can also download R4i-SDHC V Firmware(Kernel) vb from the R4 DS Card Firmware (Kernel) Wood_R4_v Downloads. Download. Description: Just work with 2gb card. DSTT & DSTTi (TTMenu Kernel v) Downloads. R4i-SDHC V1. 31b Update from www. r4i-sdhc. com The first New Year gift from www. r4i-sdhc. com - R4i-SDHC V1. 31b and R4-SDHC V1. And it seems nothing new with relative to unofficial R4i-SDHC TTMenu V6. R4i-SDHC V1. Currently on my " R4 SDHC Dual Core" from r4isdhc I am running . YSmenu is a homebrew version of TTmenu that won't lock you out.